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New perspectives on the sponsor fit of your product

A classical rule of thumb in marketing conveys “fish where the fish are”. Only the ones addressing their target group are able to communicate the advertising message successfully. As necessary and correct this slogan is in its core, it does leave one important aspect of successful brand communication out of sight:
It is as essential to know, whether the target group in question deals with the marketed product category in the course of the respective sport season.

Therefore, the AdTimer illuminated the topic of sponsoring from an additional angle:
It compares the fit between the interest in the respective product type with the timing of the corresponding sport season.

Taking the engagement in Alpine Skiing by the tire maker Pirelli for instance. On first sight it seems like a good match: winter sports and winter tires – it has been affirmed by multiple surveys of impact&emotions that the target group can be reached with Alpine Skiing.

However, if one compares the course of the season of Alpine Skiing with the searchword “car tire” it shows that the respective season highlights of the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) and the search and buying behaviour of winter tires don’t match from a timely perspective. With the start of the skiing season at the end of November, most winter tires are changed and the purchase decision has long been made. Admittedly, most car drivers start to change their tires for summer at the end of March at the final of the skiing season, but it would be uncommon to advertise summer tires in winter sports.

Whereas it shows that car tires have a better match with respect to the seasonal timing with the sports marathon and triathlon – sports where for instance tire maker Continental is engaged as a sponsor.

Of course, the success of a sponsoring engagement isn’t solely determined by the correct timing. Especially in sponsoring the goal is mostly rather set towards emotionalising a brand and less towards a temporary increase in sales. But the example demonstrates well that the marketing slogan should be extended: Not only “fish where the fish are”, but also “fish when the fish are hungry”. The AdTimer ( helps you with all your seasonal questions for your product.