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In order to make the right decisions, the currentness and timely sourcing of information is as imperative to you as an unbiased assessment of the results. Therefore, it is important to us to deliver the answers to your questions in a minimum of time, objectively and qualitatively of the highest level.


How about the awareness, sympathy or usage of a brand in your specific region or internationally? impact&emotions provides you with solutions to these and other problems in a minimum of time and reveals strength, weaknesses, chances and risks in your market.


Your marketing effort serves the purpose if it reaches the right people! Whether it is about a specific group of people, clients, employees or members: impact&emotions extends your knowledge about your target group.


TV-commercial, social media or rather a billboard? At the end of the day it is decisive whether the advertising campaign was effective and paid off financially. impact&emotions analyses your marketing-mix on a daily basis, gives information about the effectiveness of your efforts and optimises your ROI.

We detect the optimal marketing mix for you.


Sponsoring as a part of the marketing-mix takes on an important role at impact&emotions: The context provides a brand unique possibilities to emotionalise. impact&emotions analyses your engagement from all perspectives regarding its potential, effectivity and efficiency and provides concrete recommendations for action.

Empirical surveys

You need more data?

We offer years of experience in national and international studies in all current survey methodologies: by telephone, online, face2face as well as actively or passively collected data.

  • Qualitative surveys
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Fieldwork
  • Instrument-based methods
  • Multivariate methods of analysis

Valuation methods

You would like to transform big data to smart data to derive true insights from your numbers? To determine the effectiveness and efficiency impact&emotions utilises diverse methods of analysis of big data- and advertising effect analysis that are guided by the output variable to be measured.

  • Sales modelling
  • Marketing mix modelling
  • Scorecard modelling
  • Brand emotionalisation index


We listen to you and don’t leave you alone with your data and facts. The construction of a concept according to your needs and a presentation of the results alongside courses of actions are as important to us marketing-consultants as an individual support even beyond the study. Thereby we present solutions and options for you that support your decision-making process.

  • Customised solutions
  • Individual support
  • Fast execution
  • Objective consultation
  • Competitiveness


  • respondi
  • ZMG
  • ASUS
  • König Ludwig
  • mediafokus GmbH
  • mehrsehen
  • PPG Music Supervision
  • SONY Music
  • Warsteiner
„impact&emotions supported us in analysing and adapting our engagement in international football sponsoring. Implicit association tests carried out in this context gave us valuable insights into our brand perception in the consciousness of our target group.“
NIVEA MEN L. Giammarioli
Global Football Sponsorship Manager at NIVEA MEN
„As part of the market introduction of our new, interactive analysis tool beatery, we were very impressed by the fast and spontaneous implementation of the big data analytics by impact&emotions.“
respondi M. Tewes
Senior Sales Manager at Respondi AG
„With strong sample sized regional studies impact&emotions was able to collect the data for an advertising impact study about newspapers ideally. Even with narrow target groups they managed to accomplish a high amount of interviews, so that we were able to present relevant results to our clients and convince our customers of the importance of newspapers.“
ZMG A. Potgeter
Head of Research / Member of the Board ZEITUNGS MARKETING GESELLSCHAFT mbH & Co. KG
„impact&emotions considerably supported us during our decision-making by high-quality market analyses.“
Manager Corporate Marketing at AL-KO KOBER SE
„The experience of impact&emotions in sport sponsoring helped us to evaluate the success of our sponsorship and increase its impact. The personal consultancy and the concept tailored to our particular needs were essential in this process.“
ASUS A. Klümpen
Marketing Manager BTL – responsible for Sponsoring & Events at ASUS
„The objective assessment of our sponsoring engagement by impact&emotions with a winter sport tracking has provided us with valuable insights into our target group and helped us to make substantial decisions to optimise our marketing efforts.“
König Ludwig Thomas Lillpopp
Head of Marketing at König Ludwig GmbH & Co. KG Schloßbrauerei Kaltenberg
„impact&emotions helped us to see our media figures from a new perspective. The result was a real competitive advantage for our client. Crucial to this process was the fact that impact&emotions asked the right questions at the right time.“
mediafokus GmbH R. Rehbronn
Director at mediafokus GmbH
„impact&emotions excells through very experienced and determined project management. They are always ready to walk that extra mile in order to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.“
„impact&emotions enabled us exciting insights into the impact of music in films. Thereby we are able to proof the reciprocal effect that high-quality music and films have on each other and how they influence the emotions of recipients.“
PPG Music Supervision PPG Music Supervising
„impact&emotions enabled us to gain new, profitable insights into our advertising campaign. Based on this survey we were able to analyze and optimize our strategies regarding effectiveness and efficiency.“
SONY Music M. Pütz
Director Market Strategy & Digital Services GSA at SONY Music
„The results of the Rock'n'Heim on-site survey of impact&emotions provided us with a clear picture of the needs of our target group.“
Warsteiner K. Albers
Manager Market research at Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer KG