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LED parameter in winter sports.

High acceptance and evaluation of LED parameter advertising with people interested in winter sports.

While LED parameter advertisements meanwhile belong to a standard in sponsorship packages and stadium advertisements, yet their usage in other sports and competitions has not taken hold or become established respectively. Why it should be switched to LED more consequently especially in winter sports and to what extent the spectators have already gotten used to LED parameter advertising in sports broadcasts, shows a shortly undertaken study by impact&emotions about the past winter sport season 2015/2016.

On average every third surveyed person interested in winter sports stated to have perceived LED-parameter advertising. The proportion of supporters of LED-parameter advertisement that judges their usage as “good” is clearly overwhelming with 77% (Top-3-Box on a 7-point-scale). Equally as large with 70% (Top-3-Box) is the proportion of people that find advertisements on LED-boards more appealing than on static boards.
At the same time the positive effects are transferred to advertisers and sponsors. The subjectively received advertising effect is reported more effectively: 77% of respondents (Top-3-Box) have stated that sponsors on LED-parameter advertisements are recognised more likely than on normal, static perimeter advertisements, while at the same time only one third of the respondents perceive them to be disturbing or distracting from the actual competition.